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Living Heritage Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

Your favourite holiday-loving folklorists are back! Dale Jarvis and Terra Barrett explore the world of calendar customs in Newfoundland and Labrador, pulling some festive audio clips from the Digital Archives Initiative.  We start with Valentine’s (or is it Valentime’s?) Day memories from Daphne Gillingham and Susan Mitchell; Claudia Earle and Nancy Knight share some somber Easter memories; Betty Rumbolt talks about her Upper Island Cove Easter buns; Peggy Snow recalls the Littledale May Walk while Shirley Ryan and Patricia Whalen reminisce on cold plate and Marysvale garden parties; Frank Beson of Windsor and Juanita Keel-Ryan of Bailey's Cove, Bonavista light a torch for Bonfire Night; and we finish with Joan Keating and her memories of the downtown St. John’s Christmas Raffle.