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Living Heritage Podcast

Jan 18, 2018

In this episode of the Living Heritage Podcast, we sit down for a geek-out session with Grace Shears, the Risk Manager at AbbyShot Clothiers Limited in Mount Pearl. Grace holds the advanced level certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes through the University of Fredericton, NB. She is a former Military Veteran and has also served as a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross on the Disaster Management team.  In 2014, Grace joined the AbbyShot team and has been dedicated to quality control, product development and supply chain management.  AbbyShot is a privately held Canadian corporation founded in July 2002. Its garment designs are styled after clothing worn in movies, anime series, TV shows and computer games, including Doctor Who, Outlander, and Firefly. Grace is a contributor to the empowering energy and culture of AbbyShot. We talk about the work of AbbyShot, and how they are using traditional skills and knowledge to craft three of their most recent products related to the Outlander television series, plus a chat about Doctor Who, the world of conventions, and Grace’s own Newfoundland family connection to the Isle of Skye, Scotland.