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Living Heritage Podcast

Aug 4, 2016

Diane Tye is a Professor in the Department of Folklore, Memorial University. Most of her research over the last twenty-five years has explored intersections of folklore and gender and with Pauline Greenhill she is co-editor of Undisciplined Women and Unsettling Assumptions.  For the last decade her work has included examinations of foodways in Atlantic Canada. She is author of the book, Baking as Biography. A Life Story in Recipes, that tells the story of her mother’s life through her recipe collection, as well as articles that explore a range of foodways topics from the food we eat on storm days, to the significance of making family recipes, and the cultural meanings of regionally iconic foods.  We discuss Diane’s academic interest in food, her book Baking as a Biography, food and nostalgia, gender and food, and where her work has taken her.

Veronica Harvey
over two years ago

I'm not sure if I commented on this podcast when I viewed it in January. I enjoyed it. Diane mentioned a community cookbook. I buy Community cookbooks because they always have good ,old recipes in them.They have the best recipies of the older generation.When I was growing up we called toutons 'bread dough pancakes'. They were ,and are delicious...especially with molasses on them!

Lorraine Stone
over two years ago

Listening to Diane brought back many memories of my childhood because I used to make bread on a chair because I could not reach the table. Tea buns were pasted down fro my grandmother and I make them still .