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Living Heritage Podcast

Aug 23, 2018

The Brewnettes have been bringing women together over a pint since 2012, first as an online forum and now in the form of monthly meet-ups and events. The St. John’s-based group welcomes women with all levels of experience and knowledge, from professional brewers to those tasting their first pint of craft beer. In this episode, Terra Barrett talks with organizers Nicole Evans and Christina Coady. Nicole Evans is a Newfoundlander-by-choice, business developer and entrepreneur by day, and craft beer nerd by night. Through working with the Brewnettes and Port Rexton Brewing Company, Nicole has witnessed first-hand the power that craft beer has to bring people together, revitalize communities and support the evolution of the already strong culture of beer in Newfoundland. Christina Coady is co-owner and head brewer at Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. In addition to running a brewery, Christina works with other Brewnettes to organize monthly meet-ups and events. Join the Brewnettes Facebook page to learn about the craft beer community or attend an upcoming event.