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Living Heritage Podcast

Aug 2, 2018

Kelly Mansell is an owner, as well as sales and marketing manager, for the popular Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food on Water Street. She has a long history of creativity in entrepreneurship and, besides her bakery, she is also involved as a partner in the Toronto-based Comrags boutique and its acclaimed fashion line. She has worked as an account director and public relations consultant for several PR firms on international tourism accounts and, most recently for PraxisPR. In this episode, Kelly talks about how she came to Newfoundland to start the bakery, and her desire to create a space were people wanted to hang out. This summer, Kelly has all sorts of programs and events on the go, including “Fishcakes & Accordions” every Tuesday and “Fishing for Success” every Wednesday. Kelly also gave us a sneak preview of Rocket’s new space in Churchill Square, which she affectionately dubs “baby Rocket.” You can find more Rocket Bakery’s events and programs online here.